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How to Apply Spidertech Tape?

How to Apply Spidertech Tape?

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How to Apply SpiderTech Tape?

In this section you will find video tutorials for each SpiderTech Precut and Uncut product.

Full Knee Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape:

Are you experiencing some knee pain? If you have a knee injury then try out SpiderTech's full knee pre-cut kinesiology tape now. The type of injuries this kt tape can treat include runner’s knee syndrome, ligament injuries, meniscus tears, tendonitis, iliotibial band, bursitis, and jumper’s knee.


Shoulder Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape:

Are you experiencing right shoulder pain? If you have slap tears then try out SpiderTech's Right Shoulder Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape now. The kind of ailments this tape can treat include internal impingement, bicep tendonitis, and rotator cuff injury. These are the common injuries that can be dealt with by applying right shoulder Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape.


Lower Back Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape:

Are you experiencing lower back pain? If you have a lower back injury, then try SpiderTech's Lower Back Pre-cut kinesiology tape now. This sports tape is ideal for a variety of ailments, including strained muscles, back muscle strain, and mechanical injuries, to name a few. All of these common injuries can be helped by using SpiderTech’s Lower Back Pre-Cut kinesiology tape.

Pregnancy Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape:

Pregnancy shifts your center of gravity. Your baby’s weight is often concentrated on your lower back, making it prone to nagging pain during pregnancy. If you are experiencing this kind of discomfort, try out SpiderTech’s Pregnancy Spider Kinesiology Tape today to relieve sciatica, carpal tunnel, and abdominal pain.


Neck Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape:

Professional Triathlete Jenny Fletcher shows everyone how easy it is to apply the SpiderTech Neck One Piece Pre-Cut kinesiology tape for pain relief and support.


Ankle Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape:

Use this easy-to-apply pre-cut athletic tape during athletic events or day-to-day activities to avoid ankle sprains, support loose ligaments and blood flow. Endorsed by athletes, athletic trainers, and everyday people for injury reduction, recovery, instability, soreness, stiffness, and swelling


Upper Knee Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape:

Kinesiology tape can be an excellent option for how to prevent upper knee injuries. SpiderTech’s Upper Knee one-piece pre-cut tape is easy to apply and can help everyone from the marathon runner to those with common ailments in need of support.