Elite High Low Manual Flexion Table

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Manual Flex:

  • Smooth range of Lateral Flexion (20 degrees)
  • Deep Flexion depth (22-25 degrees)
  • Able to perform figure 8 (ROM)
  • Pelvic cushion will drop in either a Flexed / Neutral / Extended position
  • Table can be locked while in a flexed position
  • Removable flexion control handle offers 3 different height adjustments and can be removed when not in use

High Low:

  • Ideal for patients that may have difficulty accessing a table in the horizontal position.
  • Quiet and smooth high low operation using a convenient foot switch panel
  • Electric tilt motor is powerful, quiet and smooth, rated to 230 kg. (500 lbs.)+

Electric Distraction Upgrade:

  • Electric distraction of six inches
  • Upgrade available on all Flexion tables. (Please note when electric distraction feature is added, the pelvic cushion or knee break will not have a peaking mechanism when ordered on the following tables: Manual Flexion, Auto Flexion, Hi-Lo Flexion and Auto Manual)


  • 21″ wide table surface
  • Elevating thoracic and Pelvic/Lumbar sections (each tilt upward to 15 degrees)
  • Knee break (adjusts up 20 degrees, down 10 degrees) with ankle rest extension
  • Ankle rest extension
  • Variable cushion position


  • Table base durable powder coat finish in your choice of color
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Low maintenance, dependable function


The footplate folds away to support an ideal working position for flexion.

Axial Rotation:

Rotate and lock the table in any position with the locking handle. Axial rotation provides up to 22 degrees of rotation.


Headpiece Modal (Headrest)

  • Multi-directional headpiece – Tilt, Elevation and Spread
  • HP-FLEX Headpiece – Includes all the features of our standard headpiece plus flexion and traction.
  • HP-FLEX-L Headpiece – Includes all the features of the HP-FLEX Headpiece plus lateral flexion



Multi-Directional + Flex

Multi-Directional + Flex-L

Cervical Drop

  • Cervical drop (forward motion oriented or straight down motion)
  • Dual Drop Option Available


Forward Motion

Toggle Drop (Straight)

Dual Drop


    • Abdominal  breakaway accommodates patients that are pregnant


    Abdominal Breakaway Option

    • Easy drop foot cocking pedal on both sides of table
    • Pelvic cushion will drop in either a Flexed / Neutral / Extended position
    • Customizable with your choice of drops: cervical, thoracic (full or upper & lower), and pelvic
    • Easy access to adjustment controls
    • Thoracic drop available


    No Thoracic & Pelvic Drop Option

    Thoracic Full Drop

    Thoracic Full Drop Option

    Thoracic Upper & Lower Drop

    Thoracic Upper & Lower Drop Option

    Pelvic Drop

    Pelvic Drop Option

    Electric Distraction


    Electric Distraction Option


    Table Colors

    Table Base Color (Powder Coat)

    Upholstery Type


    Spirit Millennium