Therapeutica Ultimate Spinal Orthotic Auto Support

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: Seating & Positioning

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    • Helps relieve and prevent back pain and fatigue while promoting greater comfort in seated posture
    • Designed ergonomically to match the proper shape of the entire spine, thereby giving the best possible support to the spine in its natural position
    • Aids in the prevention of whiplash by providing support to the head and neck. Does not obstruct rear view when driving
    • Shoulder blades and arms are free for unrestricted movement
    • Unique but simple fastening system allows easy fastening to any vehicle's 'single seat'
    • May also be used in chair or wheelchair
    • Five-year warranty to retain shape and resilience
    • Available in 3 sizes for a custom fit: Petite Back, Average Back, and Tall Back
      • Petite B"-23"
      • Average Back 23"-25"
      • Tall Back 25"-27

* Sitting on a flat surface, measure from the seat to the top of the shoulders.