Spidertech Medium Fan Spider Pre-Cut

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  • The Medium Fan Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape is versatile and adaptable to a variety of taping needs such as Arm, Forearm, Spine, Hip, Anterior Leg, Calf, and Ankle. Developed with freedom of movement in mind, it is perfect for medium areas. This pre-cut application saves time and ensures even, machine cut edges to prevent fraying or uneven support.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Manufactured in Toronto, Canada, SpiderTech tape is the pioneer behind pre-cut Kinesiology tape and offers the best water resistant, latex free, hypoallergenic, professional grade, Kinesiology Tapes at the lowest price. Our Tapes are designed for the medical professional who demands quality and effectively but ease of use makes it the perfect product for the general public and self application. It comes in 6 colours and can be comfortably worn for up to 5 days.
  • The Science: The SpiderTech Kinesiology Tapes are an extremely versatile tool that is engineered to integrate with your body, making it an important part of your treatment plan for many conditions. Some of these conditions include: acute and chronic pain, muscle tension and strains, ligament sprains, swelling and bruising, blood circulation and tissue healing, improving balance, position sense and fall prevention when you’re muscles are fatigued and avoiding painful ranges of motion.
  • The Best Adhesive: we have engineered the perfect combination of adhesive strength and comfort for the SpiderTech Tape. This allow our cotton elastic tape with 100% poly-acrylic adhesive to stretch, move and integrate with your body to achieve maximal therapeutic benefit without damaging your skin when it’s time for the tape to be removed.
  • Common Conditions: Millions of people use the SpiderTech Tapes to help with, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golfer elbow, wrist injuries, tendonitis and tenosynovitis, mid back pain and improved posture, low back pain, disc injuries and neuropathies, quad, hamstring and groin strains, calf tightest, shin splints, heal and foot pain, planter fasciitis, bunions, and restoring and improving range of motion.
  • ONE (1) Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Piece Included