MAKRITE SEKURA - N95 NIOSH APPROVED Particulate Respirator Mask (40 masks/box).

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TC-84A-7638 11700

Product Description

This vertical and flat folded style respirator offers more comfort and adaptability to the wearer's facial features as it is more flexible around the edges. Makrite Sekura Face Respirator fold easily when they not in use and fit well with goggles or helmets so they are convenient for many different types of worker situations.

This respirator does not have any odor, efficient filtering of dust, low breathing resistance, and effective protection of non-oily particles. Makrite SEKURA-N95 dust mask uses a soft metal fixing strip, so that the bridge of the nose can be tightly fitted to the mask, ensuring the tightness of the N95 mask.

Note: Do not use in an environment with an oxygen concentration of 19.5%; this mask cannot be used in a toxic gas environment, and it cannot be used for painting or sandblasting.
Restrictions on use: Makrite SEKURA-N95 dust masks are disposable protective products. When the mask is damaged, or excessive dust exceeds the maximum use limit of 8 hours, please immediately discard and replace with new breath Masks


- 40 pieces per box
- Vertical and flat folder design for more flexibility around the edges to adapt to the wearer's face.
- Can be fold easily when they not in use.
- Fit well with goggles or helmets.
- Inside Filter for Low Breathing Resistance
- Individually Adjustable Aluminum Nose for Excellent Fit
- Great filtering protection