Long Handle Bath Sponge 22"

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: Bathroom & Utilities

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  • Bendable handle makes reaching different areas easier while bathing
  • Contour sponge shape to aid in cleaning
  • Total length is 22", long handle measures 17" and the sponge is 5" long
  • Versatile sponge can be used in the shower or bath to simplify washing hard-to-reach areas
  • Helpful for you, your parents, or your grandparents

Unlike typical sponge handles, this handle doesn't require the use of a heat gun to change its shape. You can manually bend and straighten the sponge handle multiple times to achieve the perfect angle and reach your whole body.

Latex-free bendable sponges are great for everyone. They can help people after hip surgery who can't bend to wash their legs. The long handle also makes it easier for people with diabetes to clean their feet. Reaching your back is a breeze even with limited shoulder mobility, just bend the handle. They are also useful for the elderly and anyone looking to increase their independence while bathing. Made of soft polyfoam sponges for comfortable scrubbing.