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: Motricity & Neurorehab

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FitMi is an exercise therapy tool for the home that helps improve mobility and strength in the hands, arms, legs and Core, after a neurological injury. It contains two sensorized pucks that track your movements and an app-based therapy that you download to your computer.

Who is it for?
FitMi is for people with stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and other neurologic or muscle injuries.
Does this work for me?
Even if you have little to no movement in your hands or arms, FitMi will choose an exercise for you that fits with your recovery phase. FitMi will also continue to adapt to his improvements every day to motivate you to continue his Therapy regimen at home.
FitMi Suite includes:
2 FitMi Pucks
FitMi Receiver & Adapter
FitMi Docking Station
10 inch touchscreen tablet
w/ RehabStudio Home Software and User's Manual

Product Reliability

Listed by the FDA as a neurorehabilitation that helps improve mobility of the hands, arms, trunk, and legs. Ready to use right away, no special training required. It adapts to your level of recovery, even if you have little or no mobility. Used in more than 300 rehabilitation hospitals and in more than 10,000 homes.