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: Motricity & Neurorehab

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  • The definitive bundle, FitMi is an exercise therapy tool for the home that helps improve mobility and strength in the hands, arms, legs and Core, after a neurological injury. It contains two sensorized pucks that track your movements and an app-based therapy that you download to your computer.


  • Tired of following a boring exercise booklet? MusicGlove is a sensorized glove that connects to your computer (Mac or PC). Put on your glove and use it to do hand exercises throughout a therapy-based music game.
  • It is simple, to get better means is to adhere to a regime.
  • Finally, a fun way to regain movement in your hands. MusicGlove is backed by research funded by the National Institutes of Health so you can be sure you are doing rehabilitation that really leads to results.

  • Easy to Use: Our tablet comes with the applications already installed. In addition, it has a touch screen so you do not use a keyboard or mouse. Ultra-Portable
  • Ultra Portable: With the tablet, you can do your therapy anywhere: on the table, in bed, or on the go. Just turn it on and you're ready to start your recovery.

Bundle Includes

1.) 2 Wireless FitMi Pucks

2.) Home Software for Rehab Studio

3.) FitMi USB Receiver & Adapter

4.) FitMi Docking Station
5.) Instruction Manual
6.) Quick Start Guide

7.) 1 Music Glove

8.) Tablet

Product Reliability

Listed by the FDA as a neurorehabilitation that helps improve mobility of the hands, arms, trunk, and legs. Ready to use right away, no special training required. It adapts to your level of recovery, even if you have little or no mobility. Used in more than 300 rehabilitation hospitals and in more than 10,000 homes.