CorFit 6000 Sacroiliac Belt - M/L

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: Orthopedic Supports

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CorFit Sacroiliac Supports help reduce the discomfort associated with sacroiliac joint pain. Wrapping around hips and pelvic girdle, it compresses the SI joint and symphysis pubis together, creating compressive stabilization for ligament injury, core weakness or abnormal SI joint alignment. Elastic construction with CorEdge Finish provides 10% more stretch, conforming perfectly to your body without binding or irritation. Proportionally sized in height and length. Plush elastic back with tapered ultra durable laminate front for comfortable compression to pelvic region. Side pulls help maximize compression


  • Small: 27" - 38"
  • Medium/Large: 32" - 43"
  • Extra Large: 40" - 52"