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Embrace Lumb-AirPlus
If you need adjustable and portable back or neck comfort, the LumbAIR Plus is for you. It works great in bucket seats, airplanes, and smaller seats. You may place the support wherever it’s required, and inflate the air chamber accordingly. Clinically tested and proven beneficial for improving spinal curvature over an extended period of time.
• Adjustable cushion. Ideal for small office chairs.
29-2102 Lumb-Air Color: Black

29-4002 Embrace Plus Back Support
The Embrace Plus utilizes our vertically adjustable Kinetic Internal Sliding Support system. An internal added foam cushion provides the user with built in back support. Although this product does not air adjust it represents and economical alternative to other products on the market.
• Dimensions: 2 x 19 x 20.5 in
• Weight: 2.6 lbs
29-4001 Embrace Plus Color: Navy
29-4002 Embrace Plus Color: Black

Embrace Air-Plus

29-3000 Embrace Air-Plus (With Pump)
EmbraceAIRPlus is recommended worldwide by healthcare professionals. Designed with pressure mapping, its open cell foam (15 year life) contours to your body naturally, offering gentle lateral support. Adding our patented 10” vertically adjustable air system gives you the best tested, proven, and guaranteed back support available today.

Our most popular embrace model, the concave-design provides spinal stability. The air chamber lets you adjust lower back support to your precise comfort level. Vertical adjustment is possible when air has been removed.
• Dimensions: 2 x 19 x 20.5 in
• Weight: 3.5 lbs

29-3001 Embrace AirPlus: Navy
29-3002 Embrace AirPlus: Black
* Volume Discount Available *
29-8002 Embrace In-Line Seating Color: Black
The In-Line seat cradles the buttocks and evenly distributes the body weight. Contoured leg troughs and overflow edges reduces the weight on body. Ideal when your current seat is too soft or hard. Can be used alone or attached with Velcro straps (included) to Embrace back rests.

With a molded natural wood frame and high quality ‘30-year’ foam, our In-Line Seating cradles the buttocks and evenly distributes body weight. Contoured leg troughs and overflow edges reduce weight on bony prominences. Ideal when your current seat is either too hard, too soft, or when you want to stabilize your back support height. In-Line Seating can be attached to any of our "Embrace" type back supports with the included Velcro straps. Remember, fabric treated to make it immune to fungus bacteria and odor.
• Dimensions: 2 x 19 x 16.5 in
• Weight: 2.5 lbs

Embrace AirKing
29-5002 Embrace Air King Back Support
EmbraceAIR KIng offers the exact same features as our EmbraceAIRPlus with additional width (+2", 5 cm.) , height (+4", 10 cm.), and the internal AIR bolster has a longer vertical adjustment range (11", 28 cm).
• Size: 2 x 21.5 x 24.5in
• Weight: 3.5 lbs

29-5002 Embrace Air King Color: Black

29-3020 Prop Air Sleeper, Sleep Away your Back Pain!
Scientifically proven by Dr. Stuart Mcgill, professor of spine biomechanics: "95% of study participants preferred the PropAirSleeper because it improved their comfort. Our measurements proved PropAirSleeper reduced joint stresses and the conditions that lead to pain".
• Prevents Cumulative Back Stress
• Awaken Pain Free
• Breathe Easier
• Reduce Stress
• Ease of Use and Adjustable
• One Size Fit Most
• Made in Canada
• Size: 12" x 6"

29-2080 Logic Back Support
Ideal sitting posture is identical in shape as the natural standing posture. Maintaining the shape of relaxed standing spinal curves, sit down and make sure the same shape is preserved and relaxed while sitting. The key to good posture is to have this natural shape effortlessly maintained by LogicBack lumbar support.
Special features of the LOGICBACK that are superior to others on the market:
• Bottom Cutout allows you to slide fully to the back of the chair without pushing you off your seat.
• Custom adjust and lock system that is adjustable to fit each individuals neutral lumbar spine curve providing the perfect customization.
• Sleek and Portable at only 21 ounces it is small enough to travel with and easy to carry.
• Custom support only where needed to correct the posture of the entire spine.
• Versatile by ergonomically correcting most office chairs, car seats and household furniture.

Therapeutica Ultimate Full-Spinal Back Support
• Ergonomically designed to conform to the natural contours of your spine while supporting your spine properly
• Shoulder blades and arms are free for unrestricted movement
• Aids in the prevention and relief of back pain and fatigue
• Promotes greater comfort in seated posture
• Unique but simple fastening system allows easy fastening to any kind of seating
• Use in home, and office
• Custom manufactured foam is molded around a polypropylene insert and then covered with a fitted fabric cover
• Provides therapy while you sit and therapy while you work
• Five-year warranty to retain shape and resilience
• Available in 3 sizes for a custom fit: Petite Back, Average Back, and Tall Back
29-7104 Size: Petite Back 21"-23"
29-7105 Size: Average Back 23"-25"
29-7106 Size: Tall Back 25"-27"

* Sitting on a flat surface, measure from the seat to the top of the shoulders.

Therapeutica Ultimate Spinal Orthotic Auto Support
• Helps relieve and prevent back pain and fatigue while promoting greater comfort in seated posture
• Designed ergonomically to match the proper shape of the entire spine, thereby giving the best possible support to the spine in its natural position
• Aids in the prevention of whiplash by providing support to the head and neck. Does not obstruct rear view when driving
• Shoulder blades and arms are free for unrestricted movement
• Unique but simple fastening system allows easy fastening to any vehicle’s 'single seat'
• May also be used in chair or wheelchair
• Five-year warranty to retain shape and resilience
• Available in 3 sizes for a custom fit: Petite Back, Average Back, and Tall Back
29-7101 Size: Petite Back 21"-23"
29-7102 Size: Average Back 23"-25"
29-7103 Size: Tall Back 25"-27"

* Sitting on a flat surface, measure from the seat to the top of the shoulders.

ObusForme 3-in-1 Automotive Massage & Heat Cushion with Gel Comfort Seat
• Flexible 3-way design – use as: Complete automotive back massage and seat cushion system Soothing automotive back-only massage/heat cushion Go-anywhere gel comfort seat cushion
• Relaxing 4-motor back massage cushion with soothing heat function includes remote control storage pocket and dual straps for positioning on most chairs
• Massage/heat functions are 12V DC for automotive use only; includes 12V car adaptor plug
• Remote control features Hi/Low/Off switches for Upper Back and Lower Back massage zones and separate Heat On/Off switch
• Detachable lightweight gel seat cushion features honeycomb gel support system for long-term comfort. Use in automobile, or at home, office or sporting event. Includes non-slip fabric base

29-8110 Compressed Coccyx Cushion
• The Coccyx cushion relieves pressure on your spine and tailbone when sitting and is designed to restore your back's natural "S" shaped curve for great seated comfort. Perfect for home, office or travel, the durable foam coccyx cushion comes compressed in a unique compact package and expands to full size when opened. The cushion's cover is also removable and machine-washable for easy care.
Features and Benefits:
• Cut-out reduces pressure on spine and coccyx (tail bone) when seated
• Cushion's tilt restores spines' natural "S" shape
• Great for home, office and travel
• Cushion automatically expands to full size when removed from packaging
• Comfortable and durable foam construction
• Removable, machine-washable cover
• Size: 18"L x 14"W x 3"H

30-8203 Leg/Knee Spacer
The hourglass shaped Leg Spacer fits between the legs for greater comfort while sleeping. It is designed to relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, knees and ankles. It moves with the user as he or she turns and, includes a detachable strap
• Size: 10” x 6” x 8”
• Color: Tan

29-1000 Bed Wedges
• Designed to provide head, back, or leg elevation.
• Removable washable cover.
• Dimensions are 24” x 24” x10”
• Color: Tan

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