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Finger Goniometer
The Baseline Finger Goniometer is designed to measure the range of motion of the metacarpal phalangeal, interphalangeal, and other small finger or toe joints. This stainless steel goniometer has a head with two opposing 180° scales marked in 5° increments. A linear scale in inches and centimeters is on the arm.
21-3057      Baseline Finger Goniometer. Standard 3.5”, stainless steel.

Plastic Goniometer
ISOM  (International Standard Of Measurement) clear plastic permits observation of joint's axis of motion and its range of motion. One arm has a linear scale in inches and centimetres. Scale read 1° increments.
21-3058      Baseline ISOM Plastic Goniometer 12”         
21-3059      Baseline ISOM Plastic Goniometer 8”
21-3060      Baseline ISOM Plastic Goniometer 6"

21-1060 Finger Motion Gauge
Clear plastic gauge simplifies and speeds measurement of composite finger flexion and finger-thumb opposition measurement. Scales measure up to 10 centimeters.

21-3067 Baseline® Finger Circumference Gauge
Measure circumference of a joint or digit. Wrap webbing around the finger and read circumference directly from the ruler.
Measurement: Centimeters/CM

21-3110 CROM: Cervical Range of Motion
The CROM combines AMA-required inclinometers and magnets in an easy-to-use instrument. Nose bridge and ear positioning eliminates measurement, positioning, zeroing and tracking errors during patient movement. A magnetic reference ensures accuracy during rotation measurements by eliminating the measurement of shoulder movement.

21-3108 Petrometer (2 Meter Set)
For the measurement of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and extremity horizontal (rotation) and vertical range of motion.
Features of the petrometer include:
All ROM tests can be done in the patient's "natural weight-bearing posture"
Set Includes
• Dual design meter for multi-directional readings
• Inclinometer needle for vertical measurements
• Transometer needle for horizontal measurements
• Rotational degree ring for "zeroing" the meter on the patient
• Headband assembly for secure, hands free cervical testing
• Meter attachment strap that frees hands for patient stability
• Protractor, mm and inch scales for X-Ray analysis
21-3109 Petrometer (4 Meter Set)
For the measurement of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and extremity horizontal (rotation) and vertical range of motion.
Features of the petrometer include:
• 2 gravitational incliometers for flex/ext and lateral flexion and 2 transometers for horizontal measurements (rotational). Includes detailed instructions booklet and carrying case
• Allow the examiner to test in both directions without resetting the instrument or patient.
24-2200 Finger / Shoulder Ladders
• The wood unit has 36 steps at 1 1/4" intervals for shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger: 2"W x 54"L.
• Wall-mounted finger and shoulder ladder offers progressive mobility of arm at shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.
• 2" wide x 54" long x 1.375" thick
• 36 steps at 1.25" intervals for shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger mobility
• Hardwood with natural finish
• Smooth finished hardwood construction.
• Mounting hardware not supplied
• 4 lbs
21-1080 Baseline Posture Grid
• Use to evaluate posture
• The plastic posture grid (25"x48") can be suspended from the ceiling or wall bracket.
• Set includes a suspension cord and a plumb bob to measure alignment.
21-1085 Galaxy Spine Analyzer
Help restore your patients to being active and living an improved quality of life with high quality, brand name products such as Spine Analyzer. Provide your patients with the best treatment experience possible with the Spine Analyzer.
• Helps the doctor to visualize and measure spinal & skeletal distortion
• Helps analyze the efficiency of treatment techniques
• Precision calibration
• Pivoting foot piece allows doctors to analyze patient from posterior, lateral, & interior view
• Dimensions: 75½”H x 227/8” W x 21½”D
• Weight: 30 lbs
• Made in USA

21-0113 Arthrodial Protractor
Plexiglass® body has two 180 degree opposing scale marked in 5 degree increments. Measure range of motion for all major articulations, cervical rotation, lateral flexion of the head, and anterior-posterior cervical flexion. Bubble level assures measurement on horizontal plane


21-3062 Digital Inclinometer
Inclinometer measurement techniques have been codified and appear in the AMA Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, third edition. Digital model has convenient LED display and carrying case.

21-3061 Bubble Inclinometer
Inclinometer measurement techniques have been codified and appear in the AMA Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, third edition.
Place inclinometer near joint to be measured; turn dial until scale reads zero; take joint through its range; read range traveled directly from dial.

21-3066 Wrist Inclinometer
Allows total range of motion to be accurately measured. Also available; Digital Inclinometer, and our Bubble Inclinometer.
Inclinometer measurement techniques have been codified and appear in the AMA Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, third edition.

21-9010 Commander Dualer IQ Inclinometer
The Dualer IQ Inclinometer is the faster, easier, smarter way to document spine and extremity ranges of motion without a computer. Dualer IQ speeds up spine evaluations with dual inclinometry protocols recommended by the American Medical Association (AMA), and automatic data collection. For extremities, Dualer IQ helps you to quickly evaluate motion using dynamic dual inclinometry and static single inclinometry (similar to using a goniometer) protocols.
• Records and stores results for up to 19 tests for faster ROM evaluations without stopping
• Dual inclinometry reduces repetitions and instrument placements for spine ROM
• Subtracts extraneous movement to display true spine ROM results
• Displays Primary and Secondary inclinometer values necessary for AMA impairment rating
• Meets AMA spine validity requirements with up to six repetitions per test
• Simulates simple goniometer techniques for efficient extremity evaluations
• Easily records ankylosis and antalgic restrictions
• Includes dual inclinometer with cable, alignment rails, 3 Velcro straps, manual with worksheets and case

21-9011 Commander PowerTrack II Muscle Tester
The Commander Muscle Tester adds an advanced dimension to research-proven-reliable dynamometer muscle testing without using a computer. Commander Muscle Tester objectively quantifies strength to identify areas of muscle weakness due to injury or disease. Commander Muscle Tester provides a wealth of information to assist you with planning treatment/rehab, evaluating progress, managing cases and rating impairment.
• Compact dynamometer fits easily in your hand
• Records, stores and analyzes up to 40 bilateral tests with up to four repetitions per side
• Calculates bilateral strength deficits for objective side-to-side comparisons
• Calculates multiple repetition coefficient of variation (CV) for determining effort consistency
• "Axis Compensation" circuitry guarantees 99% accuracy across entire test pad
• "Quick-connect" system makes changing dynamometer test pads faster and easier
• Optional: Downloader software (21-9017) available for importing data into a computer
• Includes Commander console, cable, testing pads, manual, test position flip chart, and case

MicroFET 6 Digital Single/Dual Inclinometer

The MicroFET6 can be used as a single inclinometer or a dual inclinometer. Displays readings in 1° increments on an easy-to-read LCD display and calculates the difference between two angles. Ergonomically design ensures ease of use for testing the extremities and spine. Uses one 9-volt battery. Can be used stand-alone or with data capture software.
21-4008 MicroFET 6 (no software)
21-4009 MicroFET 6 with software
The software supports either dual or single inclinometry. It downloads data and automatically performs calculations and validity checks. Creates tables & graphs.

MicroFET 3 Digital Hand-Held Dual Dynamometer and Inclinometer
MicroFET 3 is the first dual-function medical device on the market to accurately measure Muscle Testing (MT) and Range-of-Motion (ROM). Usage Chart included
Inclinometer: MicroFET 3 uses a single inclinometer that has been used for years. Results between two positions are calculated quickly with a push of the button and read out to 0.1º resolution. ROM accuracy within 1º
Dynamometer: Accuracy within 2%. Two threshold settings with maximum reading of up to 150 lbs in 0.2 or 1 lb increments. Three test pad attachments - flat, curved, and digit
21-4003 MicroFET 3 (no software)
21-4004 MicroFET 3 with software

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