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24-9501 Training Stairs with Bus Step
Maple Plywood base and solid maple handrails with natural color finish
• Three 4" Risers on one side
• Two 6" Risers on the opposite side
• When Bus Step is installed, a 12" Riser is created
• Platform is 24" x 30"

24-9505 Power Platform Parallel Bars
• Digital display on conveniently located, user-friendly control panel shows exact bar height.
• Memory buttons allow storage and recall of four separate bar height settings.
• Microprocessor control unit ensures synchronous operation of all four columns.
• Heavy-gauge 1" diameter (3.8 cm) stainless steel handrails on three-section slim line lifting columns that provide maximum lateral stability, even in the highest bar position.
• Height monitoring functions ensure reliable operation and safe switch-off in case of a fault.
• Slip-resistant platform.
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs (181kg)on hand rails
Height Range: 26" to 48" - adjusts electronically
Width Range: 15" to 29" - adjusts manually
Platform: 10'L x43"W; 29" width between columns

24-9506 Platform Mounted Parallel Bars 10'
• Stainless Steal Hand Rails 1-1/2" diameter (3.8 cm)
• Slip-resistant laminated platform
• Posi-Lok locking knobs.
• Height adjusts 26" to 44"
• Width adjust 19" to 26"

24-9507 Floor Mounted Parallel Bars 10'
• Stainless Steel Hand Rails 1-1/2" diameter (3.8 cm)
• Mounting hardware not included
• Posi-Lok locking knobs
• Height adjusts 26" to 44"
• Width adjusts 19" to 26"

24-9502 Portable Posture Mirror
• Maple Plywood with Natural Finish
• Allows for mobility around the clinic
• 3" Heavy Duty Casters
• Height 76"
• Width 26"
• Depth 18"
• Mirror 23" x 70"
Shipping Weight: 99 lbs

24-2200 Finger / Shoulder Ladders
A single vertical unit with 36 steps at 1.25" intervals.
Offers progressive mobility of arm at shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Smooth finished hardwood construction.
• 2" wide x 54" long x 1.375" thick
• 36 steps at 1.25" intervals for shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger mobility
• Hardwood with natural finish
• Mounting hardware not supplied

24-9510 Shoulder Wheel
• Range-Of-Motion arc can be varied from 10" to 29" by moving handle.
• Resistance can be varied by turning resistance knob.
• Height of unit can adjust 26" to accommodate seated and standing therapy.
22-3002 Proactive Pedal Exerciser
For an easy, impact-free cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home!
Very compact retail box: 460 mm x 80 mm x 340 mm (18.1" x 3.1" x 13.4")
Improves circulation, coordination and muscle strength
Ideal for beginners, convalescents and seniors
Can be placed on the floor for leg exercise or on a table for upper body exercise
Adjustable resistance allows you to increase effort as you progress
Compact and portable, it can be stored under a bed or chair
22-3003 ProActive Deluxe Pedal Exerciser With Digital Display
The easy and portable way to work out!
• Stimulates blood circulation and increases muscle strength
• Built-in computer with LCD measures time, revolutions (reps), reps/minute and calories burned.
• Folds compact easy to store under a bed or chair
• 2-in-1: use to exercise your legs or your arms!
• Tool-free setup
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