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Wrist and Hand Models
Elastic Hand Model
26-3301 Elastic Hand Model
Life-size plastic hand strung on elastic cord. Includes the lower part of the ulna and radius, and the metacarpals wired together
Elastic Painted Hand Model
26-3302 Elastic Painted Hand Model
A life-size plastic hand strung on elastic cord. Muscle origins and insertions are labeled and color-coded. Ulna, radius and metacarpals are wired together for strength and form.
26-3303 Right Hand Plastic Model
The life-size plastic hand model features a portion of the lower arm strung on elastic, allowing the bones to be pulled apart for individual study. Right Hand Only.
Hand and Wrist Model
26-3304 Hand and Wrist Model
Life size model of a left hand, wrist and forearm. Show all the phalanges, carpals bones, metacarpal bones, joint capsule ligs, thenar muscle, palmar carpal lig, median nerve, flexor digitorum superficialis tendons, flexor profundus digitorum tendons, palmaris longus tendon, interossseous membrane, radius and ulna. May be removed from base. Size 11-1/2” x 3-3/4” x 1-1/4”.
Ankle and Foot Models
Elastic Foot Demonstration Model
26-7001 Elastic Foot Demonstration Model
Life-size plastic foot model features a portion of the tibia and fibula strung on elastic so they can be pulled apart. Right Foot;

26-7002 Set of Three Feet
Life-size models of the foot depicting a flat foot, an arched foot and a normal foot. Models do not dissect. Each foot has 23 numbered parts and includes a corresponding key card.

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