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Full Skeletons Models
Mr. Plain Skeleton
26-1001 Mr. Plain Skeleton
A plastic, life-size articulated adult human skeleton. The arms and legs are removable for individual study. The skull dissects into 3 parts with the mandible on spring (32 teeth), and has a removable calvarium. Includes rolling stand. Size: 5’5”
Mr. Flexible
26-1003 Mr. Flexible
A first-class human skeleton with a flexible spine which allows almost all natural bending positions or postures. The skull is dissectible into 3 parts: calvarium, base of skull, and lower jaw. The upper and lower extremities are removable. The spine includes nerve branches and vertebral artery. Articulating joints allow for movement. The skeleton is mounted on a mobile stand. Size: 5’5”
Mr.Thrify Mini Skeleton
26-1005 Mr.Thrifty Mini Skeleton
Economical teaching skeleton is great for children and students. Anatomically correct with moveable joints, removable arms and legs and removable skull cap. Height: 33 ½”. Stand included.

26-1006 Flexible Mr.Thrifty Skeleton with nerve
Same as 26-1005 featuring flexible spine with spinal cord, nerve roots.

26-1002 Painted Mr.Thrifty Skeleton
Same as 26-1005, but has muscle insertions and origins painted on the left side of the skeleton.

Mr. Superskeleton
26-1004 Mr. Superskeleton
The world's most complete skeleton for school instruction & training, and patient education. It features joint ligaments, a flexible spine with nerve endings and full indication of muscle origins and insertions painted on one-half of the body. Also holds bending positions. The skull dissects into 3 pieces with a removable calvarium and lower jaw, with excellent detail and reproduction of the teeth. It includes all spinal nerves and the vertebral artery. The skull, left arm and leg are fully detachable. The skeleton is mounted on a mobile stand. Height: 5’5”
Skull Models

Classic Human Skull
26-2001     Classic Human Skull
High quality plastic replication of a human skull that includes sutures, foramen and styloid processes. The calvarium is removable and the jaw is on springs. Dissects into 3 parts
Budget Skull
26-2005 Budget Skull
This economical, life-size adult plastic skull is ideal for students studying for tests. It clearly shows suture lines, and features a movable jaw, cut calvarium and 3 removable lower teeth - incisor, cuspid and molar. Dissects into 3 parts. Size: 5 in. wide x 8-1/2inches high x 6 inches deep
Colour Coded Skull Kit
26-2004 Colour Coded Skull Kit
A color-coded 22-piece skull that can be divided into its individual pieces and reassembled. Includes occipital, sphenoid, ethmoid, vomer, mandible, and right and left of following bones: parietal, temporal, palatine, nasal concha, maxilla with teeth, lacrimal, zygomatic, and nasal bone. 6”x 8” x 4”.

TMJ Skull
26-2003 TMJ Skull
A plastic human skull with the medial and lateral pterygoids as well as the temporal and masseter muscles created in elastic. Size: 5 1/2" x 8" x 6". 3B Scientific GmbH.
Budget Skull with Cervical Vertebrae on Stand
26-2006 Budget Skull with Cervical Vertebrae on Stand
This life-size skull includes 7 cervical vertebrae, nerve branches and vertebral artery, all mounted on a fixed base. Skull features a removable calvarium, 3 lower teeth and a hinged lower jaw on springs. Cannot be removed from base.
Disarticulated Human Skull
26-2002 Disarticulated Human Skull
Life size model consists of a 14-part skull that can be dismantled and snapped back together. Includes sphenoid, occipital, and 2 temporal; 2 parietal, frontal, ethmoid and vomer.  Right and left maxilla, lacrimal, nasal, palatine, facial, cranial, zygomatic and mandible fits into sockets with a hinged joint.
• Size: 5-1/2" x 8" x 6".
Vertebrae Models

5 Stage Vertebrae Model
5 Stage Vertebrae Model
26-4760 5-Stages of Disc Prolapse and Vertebral Degeneration
The model illustrates degenerative changes to the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine in various degrees. Based on the original cast of a human lumbar spine, even finest bone structures are accurately depicted. The following conditions are shown from top to bottom:
Intervertebral disc in healthy condition
Lumbar vertebra (L1) without degenerative changes
Intervertebral disc with protrusion
Lumbar vertebra (L2) with beginning degenerative changes
Intervertebral disc with medial prolapse
Lumbar vertebra (L3) with advanced degenerative changes
Intervertebral disc with intraforaminal prolapse on the right
Lumbar vertebra (L4) with strong degenerative changes and bony constriction of the left intervertebral foramen
Extremely narrowed intervertebral disc
Lumbar vertebra (L5) with strong degenerative changes and bony constriction of the left intervertebral foramen with pressure on the spinal nerve root L5 on the left.
• The model can be disassembled into vertebrae and intervertebral discs, supplied on base.
• Size: 22cm
Budget 4-part Lumbar Set
26-4212 Budget 4-Part Lumbar Set
Four lumbar vertebrae shown with one herniated disc and two normal discs. Mounted on a sturdy metal rod. Size: 6" x 3".

Flexible Cervical Column

Flexible Thoracic Column

Flexible Lumbar Column

26-4216 Flexible Cervical Column: A functional model, of the 7 cervical vertebrae with normal intevertebral discs, that includes a segment of the spinal cord with the medulla, pons, cerebral peduncle and nerve branches. Cannot be removed from stand. Size: 5" x 6" x 7".


26-4217     Flexible Thoracic Column: A functional model of the 12 thoracic vertebrae, intervertebral discs and nerve branches. Cannot be removed from stand. Size: 5" x 4" x 13".


26-4218     Flexible Lumbar Column: A functional model of the 5 lumbar vertebrae, coccyx and sacrum with removable cutaway. Also features normal intervertebral discs and nerve branches. Cannot be removed from stand. Size: 5" x 5" x 13".

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