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Jeanie Rub Massager
An Industry Standard for Professionals Making bodies feel better since 1966, the original Jeanie Rub delivers invigorating 1400 - 4600 rpm massaging action with a twist of the switch. The orbital action provides a softer and deeper massage than “percussion” type massagers. Lower speeds deliver a soothing massage while faster speeds are more invigorating. Convenient fingertip control allows you to easily adjust speed. Ideal for personal health, fitness and sports massage. Safely helps to relax tight muscles and relieve tension.
Benefits of Massage:
• Provides a great way to relax and help alleviate musculoskeletal conditions.
• Dilates blood vessels improving blood circulation in targeted areas and throughout the body.
• Can help improve muscle tone and reduce muscular atrophy resulting from forced inactivity or injury.
• Provides a sedative or stimulating effect on the nervous system depending on type or length of massage.
• Helps to reduce Edema (swelling) of the extremities.
• Can help relieve muscle tension and mental stress to aid in a stress reduction and relaxation program.
• Ranges from a soothing 1400 rpm to an invigorating 4600 rpm and weighs 6.1 lbs.
• 12 foot grounded power cord
• Made in the USA
• One Year Warranty

Benefit for Variable Speed Model:
High Strength - Dial power setting to high for large, thick muscle areas. Use the the optional single or double point trigger attachments for maximum muscle penetration.
Medium Strength - Dial power setting to medium for the most common use and a good starting point for the average person.
Low Strength - Dial power setting to low for sensitive, thin muscle areas. Also good for children and the elderly.
Extra Low Strength - Massaging through a folded towel with no attachments will reduce stimulation even below the lowest power setting.

20-9002 Jeanie Rub Variable Speed
20-9316 Jeanie Rub Covers
20-9317 Jeanie Rub Carrying Case

20-7000 Thumper Maxi Pro Massager
The Maxi Pro was originally designed for Chiropractors to use on patients for soft tissue work and to warm up muscles prior to adjustment. Today it is often used by physiotherapists, massage therapists and athletic trainers for treatment of large muscle groups over 200,000 professionals in worldwide. It is truly a professional modality, so it is not recommended for home use or self-use.

A Maxi Pro massage is fast and effective:
Weighing 7 pounds (3.2 kg), it provides all the necessary pressure to provide a deep, strong, sensational massage. No need to add pressure, just park it on the muscle area of choice and let it do its work. Thumper's percussive energy penetrates through all fascial layers, providing the patient the good, healthy feeling of a head-to-toe professional massage.

Its 8 massage spheres cover a large massage area, ideal for large muscle groups. A full-body massage takes only 5-8 minutes. Small areas can be reached by tilting the Maxi Pro and using a single massage sphere.

Speed adjustment from 18 to 35 pulses per second, and depth of massage adjustment on the pressure knob allows for full customization for all treatment conditions. Maxi Pro is designed to direct 95% of its energy into the patient's muscles, assuring virtually no feedback on the therapist's hands. No need for oils or lotions. Thumper® works through clothing, providing flexibility for use in all clinical and professional environments.
• Patented Thumper® Action sends energy perpendicular into tissue, penetrates through all fascial layers relieving muscular tension and fatigue.
• Anatomically designed massage spheres require no additional attachments. One device for the entire treatment of all muscle groups.
• Work smarter - a complete head to toe massage in 5-8 minutes. Save your hands and your body.
• Ergonomic handles placed at 90 degrees for ease of use and control.
• Variable speed from 18 to 35 pulses/second and 4-position adjustable pressure knob to tailor the massage for best outcome.
• Easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth.
• Heavy duty, fan cooled, high torque DC motor provides long dependable service.
• Hand manufactured in Canada, ensuring the highest quality product.
• 2-Year warranty, made in Canada

20-7100 Thumper Mini Pro Massager
The Mini Pro is designed for use in professional health care offices as an all-around robust and durable massager. It delivers a full strength percussive massage that penetrates deep through all fascial layers. It's ideal for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow to the area being treated and releasing muscle tension.

Its long handle allows users to treat themselves at home. The Mini Pro is ideal for reaching areas like neck, shoulders and mid-back. This product is excellent for self-use. Weighing only 3 pounds (1.4 kg), it's easy to take with you when you travel.
With three electronically controlled speed settings at 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second, the Mini Pro 2 can be adjusted to treat all muscle groups and patient preferences.

The proven Thumper® drive system propels two anatomically-designed massage spheres up and down a full 1/4" (6 mm) to deliver the deep penetration of tapotement. The Mini Pro 2 directs 95% of the energy into the muscle tissue, resulting in virtually no kick back to the handle and its user. It's easy to hold, maneuver and operate. No need for oils or lotions. Thumper works through clothing, providing flexibility for use in all clinical, professional and home environments.

A deep tissue massage, with no work: Thumper Mini Pro 2 does the work, not you. Just "park" Mini Pro 2 on your shoulders, legs or back. No need to add pressure or dig in. Rest the Mini Pro 2 on your shoulders to release tightness caused by daily stress. For blissful relief of tired, aching feet, simply place Mini Pro2 on a couch and relax your feet against it.

• Patented Thumper Action sends energy perpendicular into tissue, penetrates through all fascial layers relieving muscular tension and fatigue.
• Anatomically designed massage spheres require no additional attachments. One device for the entire treatment of all muscle groups.
• Ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach all muscle groups, neck, shoulders, back, legs.
• Three speed settings at 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second for best results for all muscle groups.
• Easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth.
• Heavy duty DC motor and current feedback circuit provides long service life and minimizes low speed stall.
• Design allows for one or two handed use.
• Hand manufactured in Canada, ensuring the highest quality product.
• Size: 13?l x 6?w x 5.5?h (33 cm x 15 cm x 14 cm)
• Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4kg)
• Electrically approved UL, CSA, CE
• 2 year warranty

20-7120 Thumper Sport Percussive Massager
The Thumper® Sport is the massager of choice for home users. If your shoulders are stiff after your initial round of golf at the beginning of the season, if your legs are burning from a bike ride with too much vertical climb, or if you simply spent too much time on your feet at the sales counter, the Thumper® Sport provides all the soothing your muscles need, along with all the health benefits associated with deep tissue massage.

The Sport is the Massager with Muscle™ for Active Lifestyles. It is a cost effective, high quality massager for non-professional use. Weighing only 3 pounds it's easy to carry around, and can be used at home, at the gym, or anywhere you travel. Its long ergonomic handle allows you to reach every muscle on your body. No need for oils or lotions. The Thumper Sport works through clothing, providing flexibility for use virtually anywhere.

The proven Thumper® drive system delivers a comfortable and penetrating tapotement action into the muscles, with virtually no energy kick back to the handle. This makes the massager easy to hold, maneuver and operate. Customize your massage experience through the use of soft or hard massage spheres. Use the variable speed control to select the most comfortable speed setting between 20 and 40 pulses per second. Once you set the speed, the Thumper Sport will maintain it, even if you put additional pressure on the massager.

• Thumper's Sport patented drive system technology transmits energy deep into the muscle tissue.
• Variable speed control from 20 to 40 pulses per second that match your muscles' natural healing frequency.
• A "True Speed" feedback system that prevents low speed stalls.
• Interchangeable massage spheres that let you customize your massage experience.
• Long ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach all muscle groups, neck, shoulders, back, legs.
• Easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth.
• Hand manufactured in Canada, ensuring the highest quality product.
• Size: 16?l x 6?w x 5?h (40 cm x 15 cm x 13 cm)
• Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4kg)
• Electrically approved UL, CSA, CE, ROHS
• 2 year warranty

20-7130 Thumper VERVE Palm Massager
The VERVE is a single sphere massager that uses Thumper’s proven percussive action. It is the smallest massager in Thumper’s product line, fitting right into the palm of your hand and weighing only 2 lbs.

The VERVE is ideal for treating small, hard to get at areas and trigger points. You can target your massage on tight muscles and knots, releasing built up tension in seconds.

The VERVE is easy to use, think of it as an extension of your hand, as if you were wearing a mitten. Simply put your hand over it, as if you were using a computer mouse, and strap the flexible band across the back of your hand. You don’t need to grip it; it just stays on your hand. Glide the massager over your skin or clothes on its soft and smooth heel.
• Variable Speed: 20 - 40 Pulses / Sec
• Weight: 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
• Electrical: 120 Volts, 60 Hz
• Electrically approved UL, CSA, CE
• 2-year warranty
• Carry Case Included
• 3 Interchangeable Massage Skins: trigger point therapy, general purpose massage, and soft impact massage
• Made in Canada

20-7200 Thumper Versa Pro Total Body Massager
The Versa Pro is a professional strength massager designed to tackle the muscles of your lower body. Use it on your feet, calves, quads and hamstrings, or turn it upright and use it on your lower back. If you spend a lot of time on your feet and want to soothe your aching joints and muscles at the end of the day, this is the right massager for you.

Also if you have limited mobility and find your feet tend to swell up and your joints stiffen, this may indicate a slowdown of your lymph system, the system that is responsible for carrying away waste from your cells. Using the Versa Pro will help reenergize your lymph system resulting in more supple joints and less swelling of the feet.
With 10 times the output of ordinary massagers, Versa Pro is a true Massager with Muscle™. Deep Tissue Massage with No Work. Let the Healing Begin.
•Worlds first lower body percussive massager
•Patented Thumper® Action combined with powerful DC motor sends energy through entire kinetic chain from feet right to the hips.
•184 acu-pressure massage nodes trigger nerve pressure points on the bottom of your feet, releasing tension throughout the body.
•Massager remains stationary; you accommodate your feet and legs in most comfortable and effective position for massage.
•13 choices of massage settings: 7 auto programs plus 6 manual to provide the best setting for each individual.
•Easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth.
•All steel inner construction with auto leveling steel suspension for long live and heavy duty operation.
•Choice of dual controls - tactile controls on base or push button hand held remote.
•Hand manufactured in Canada, ensuring the highest quality product.

20-7300 Thumper Equine Pro Massage
The Equine Thumper Massager has the same design and features as the Thumper Pro but more powerful and the best massager for horses. The only massager for your horses, pets and livestock. This is the Thumper model that is used by professional sports teams, and in professional equine training and competition. Note: the equine model is the same strength as the older white model. The Equine Thumper Massager is 15% stronger than the Professional Thumper Massager Anyone can use the Equine Thumper.

20-8000 OBUS FORME® Professional Body Massager™
Professional-grade percussion massager provides a targeted deep-tissue massage
• Obus Forme Variable Speed Massager
• High intensity percussion system delivers up to 3000 pulses per minute
• Five massage intensity settings with up/down electronic thumb switches for precision control
• 3 pairs of multi-density massage nodes for custom comfort
• Extra-wide massage head spacing provides maximum coverage
• Ergonomic non-slip suspension handle reaches all parts of the body
• Soft-touch front grip for precise two-handed use
• Whisper-quiet operation
• Extra-long 9.5’ power cord
20-8005 HoMedic Full Body Massager with Heat
• Vibration massage invigorates tired, overworked muscles
• Extended reach allows you to massage hard to reach back areas
• Rapid heat heats up quickly to comfort tight muscles
• Variable speed to customize your massage
• Folding handle is great for travel and compact storage
• Recommended for patient home use only

20-8011 ObusForme Backrest Support Massage Cushion with Heat
• Premium portable massage cushion for use in automobile, home or office
• 8 massage motors and multiple pre-programmed options offer customizable massage for thighs, upper, middle and/or lower back
• Integrated backrest frame conforms to the natural shape of your back, providing supportive comfort and helping to maintain proper posture
• Adjustable lumbar pad provides personalized comfort and support
• Seat heater enhances comfort in cold weather; includes remote control, 12 volt DC and 110 volt AC adaptors
20-8100 Deluxe Infrared Blood Circulation Foot Massager
High frequency vibration and infrared light are combined in this single massager to soothe muscle tension, improve circulation and stimulate reflexology points on your tired feet. Also apply it to your arms, hands, legs, thighs, or feet for immediate, soothing comfort. Acupressure nodules on its footplate add the benefits of reflexology.
• High-frequency vibration
• Remote control operation
• Can be applied to the arms, hands, legs, thighs, or feet
• Automatic shut-off Timer (up to 15 minutes)
• 8 levels of infrared light treatment
• 12 vibration speeds
• Automatic and Manual modes

23-3016 3-in-1 Foam Roller with Massage Stick
The 3-in-1 Massage Roller features two distinct foam rollers and a rolling massage stick. Ideal for self-myofascial release and massage therapy, the unique 3 in 1 design is able to give you the full massage routine, just like a massage therapist. Choose from two different foam rollers, a 5.75" diameter and a ribbed 4" diameter design for a deep tissue massage. Using the rollers is easy, simply use body weight to apply pressure to the desired area while sitting or lying on the foam and rolling your muscles along it. This enables you to perform a self massage, breaking up trigger points and knots relieving muscles that would usually become sore after an intense workout.

Also included is a massage roller stick with handles that will allow you to have more massage pressure control that will help increase muscle oxygenation, diffuse knots, add flexibility and stimulate active muscle recovery. The rollers and massage stick neatly come together to create a versatile and portable massage kit. Making it perfect for on the go use!
Outter roll: 18" x 5.75"
Inner roll: 18" x 4" (deep tissue)
Massage stick: 18" x 1.5" (hand roller)
• 90 days on manufacturers defects

24-6075 Thera-Band Roller Massager
The TheraBand™ Roller Massager+ is an innovative tool for myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Its unique patent-pending ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue mobilization while providing a massage-like experience.
Meanwhile, the roller massager handles were designed to facilitate trigger point release. Use of the Roller Massager+ can help increase blood flow and circulation in targeted areas, while also helping to increase muscle flexibility and range of motion.
• Available in a Standard version that’s great for use in-clinic and at home
•Ideal for before and after every workout, for self-massage, or as directed by a healthcare professional, our Thera-Band® Roller Massager+ is an innovative tool for myofascial release and deep tissue massage. Roller Massagers are popular with runners, cyclists, and others who seek the benefits of massage and trigger point therapy.

All Thera-Band Roller Massagers are individually packaged with detailed full color instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises divided by muscle region. The Roller Massager+ can reduce muscle soreness and pain in targeted areas, while also increasing muscle flexibility and range of motion; and it fits easily into your bag, drawer, or glove box.
Our Patent Pending ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue massage action that goes beyond just flattening the trigger points and tight areas.

The fixed handles can facilitate trigger point release.
• The Standard Model is 21 inches overall length, with a roller length of 9.5 inches.
• Constructed with durable latex-free thermoplastic material for extended life and easy cleaning.
24-6070 Thera-Band Foot Roller
The Thera-Band® Foot Roller is used to provide temporary relief from pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and tired feet. Patients with plantar fasiciitis can use the roller as a device to stretch the plantar fascia and increase flexibility. Those experiencing soreness from tired feet will find the massaging benefits of the roller pleasant and therapeutic. In all applications, the Foot Roller can be chilled or frozen to help reduce inflammation.

Recommended Uses:
•Use chilled to reduce foot pain and inflammation.
•Massage arch pain, discomfort, and fatigue away.
•Use to exercise and stretch the plantar fascia.
•Stretch, exercise, and help straighten toes.
Features and Benefits:
•Can be chilled or frozen - cooling prior to use aids reducing inflammation.
•Made of supple natural rubber - slip resistant and won't scratch floors. Easily cleaned with a disinfectant spray.
•Ridged design - increases pressure points to deliver enhanced foot massage.
•Hollow core - helps match the foot's contour creating a snug, custom feel.
•Complete with instructions - includes instructions for Foot Massage and Big Toe Stretch.
•Small and lightweight - portable and travel friendly.
21-9101 Triggerizer
• Replaces the T-bar, ergonomic handle comfortable and easy to use.

24-6101 Massage Ball 2.8" (Green - 7cm)
24-6102 Massage Ball 3.2" (Yellow - 8cm)
24-6103 Massage Ball 3.6" (Red - 9cm)
24-6104 Massage Ball 4" (Blue - 10cm)

• Massage balls help achieve muscle and tension release for all parts of the body
• "Bumpy" textured surface also promotes sensory stimulation and is perfect for manual dexterity exercises
21-9102 Theracane Massager
• Self-Massager
• Provides temporary relief from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness
• Use to apply deep pressure massage to the back, neck and shoulders
• Includes 16 pages instruction manual
• Color: Green

21-9111 Thera Press $19.00 $9.95
• Designed to save your hands
• Allow therapists to apply deep massage, trigger point and acupressure treatments
• Ergonomic grip prevents injuries

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