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32-5410 Bon Vital Original Massage Gel - 1 Gallon Bottle
• A great concept in silky smooth massage oil has arrived!
•Bon Vital Original Massage Gel uses traditional oils and has added a natural vegetable wax that disperses like lotion and glides on like silk.
• A bountiful blend of Sunflower, Sesame Seed, Aloe Vera, Avocado, and Soybean oils provide a nourishing and moisturizing massage with silky finish.
• Versatile for all styles of massage and great for adding essential oils, it is easy to see why our Gel has been preferred by therapists worldwide for the last 10 years.
•Water dispersible. Paraben Free! Unscented.
32-5421 Bon Vital Original Massage Lotion - 1 Gallon Bottle
• ORIGINAL MASSAGE LOTION is a non-greasy lightweight formula specifically designed to provide extended lasting performance while maintaining needed drag.
• A smooth glide and satiny light texture make this the perfect choice for all massage modalities.
• Enriched with Olive Oil and Herbal Botanical Extracts of Arnica, Ivy and Cucumber for exceptional skin care benefits.
• Hypoallergenic. No Nut Oil. Unscented. Paraben Free!
32-5420 Bon Vital Deep Tissue Massage Lotion - 1 Gallon Bottle
• Lotion has been specifically formulated for deeper modalities. A smooth glide and texture that absorbs more quickly than our Swedish Lotion, gives it enough friction perfect for a deep tissue massage.
• Made up of a combination of Grapeseed, Sesame, Jojoba, and Avocado oils that contain high levels of linoleic acids, vitamins, and minerals.
• This lotion provides the perfect amount of grip without any stickiness offering ultimate control and no drag.
• Excellent for dry skin in that it smoothes and softens as it deeply penetrates layers of the skin.
• Enriched with multi-vitamins A, B5, C & E.
• No greasy feel. Water dispersible. Unscented. Paraben Free!
32-5430 Bon Vital Original Massage Oil - 1 Gallon Bottle
• The blend of Grapeseed, Olive Oil, Jojoba, Avocado, Soy Bean, and Safflower oils make this the perfect mid-weight massage oil.
• Our thicker consistency allows for lasting glide, great for Stone massage, Lomilomi, or Swedish style modalities.
• This oil is enriched with Vitamins A, E, C, and Pro Vitamin B5.
• Water dispersible. No Nut Oils! Paraben Free! Unscented.

32-5302 Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion - 1 Gallon Bottle
Hypoallergenic. Enjoy optimal manipulation of skin and muscle with more glide and easy workability. If you like the clean absorption of a lotion, but need more glide and workability for deep and relaxing massage, here's the solution. This unique specially developed lotion manages to maintain gentle drag and extended, lasting performance and still penetrates the skin for a pleasant non-greasy finish. Requires less reapplications - if any at all - than typical lotions so you can keep the smooth flow of your session.
32-5312 Biotone Advanced Therapy Gel - 1 Gallon Bottle
Hypoallergenic. Provides 25% more coverage than ordinary oils yet it's remarkably light, lasting and non-greasy. Spreading effortlessly over the skin, this seed oil based gel has one of the lightest, most pleasant textures you'll find. Offers significantly more coverage than typical oils, so you use much less, yet assures continuous workability that doesn't require the interruption of reapplication. An ideal choice for those who want the lightest of oil textures. Water-dispersible. Leaves no greasy residue.
32-5450 Myo-Ther Essential Natural Massage Gel - 4 Liter Bottle
Myo-ther Essential is an all-natural, all-purpose oil-based massage gel. It warms and spreads easily, providing exceptional coverage and workability. It is specifically formulated for both clients & therapists with skin sensitivities using the most hypo-allergenic natural ingredients available. It does not contain parabens, mineral oil, nut oils, added fragrances or scent neutralizers.
Product development: another product we developed from listening to you! Customers have been begging us for a Canadian-made Gel and here it is! We have used the most natural ingredients that are also the least likely to cause allergic reactions (no nut oils).
Characteristics: As an all-natural oil-based gel, Myo-ther Essential warms and spreads easily with body heat. It has a non-greasy, pleasant feel.
Performance: Myo-ther Essential provides exceptional coverage, spreadability & workability. It is effective for all massage techniques.
Natural: Contains no parabens, Paraben Free! no alcohols, or mineral oil.
Fragrance: Myo-ther Esssential contains no added fragrances or scent neutralizers.
Formulation: Myo-ther Essential is specifically formulated for clients and therapists with skin Sensitivities. It contains the most hypo-allergenic natural ingredients available (no nut oils).
Clean up: Myo-ther Essential easily wipes off after a massage, and washes clean with soap & water.
Properties: Each of the ingredients used in Myo-ther Essential has soothing & moisturizing properties.
Proudly made in Canada
32-5455 Myo-ther Complete Paraben-free Massage Lotion - 4 Liter Bottle
Myo-ther Complete is a deluxe, all-purpose, paraben-free massage lotion. It has a smooth & silky texture for easy application and proven long-lasting performance, all but eliminating the need for re-application.This mild water-based formula wipes off and washes out easily, preventing staining and odours. It is hypo-allergenic and fragrance free, just like our other lotions.
Product development: a direct result of customers asking for a paraben-free product. Although both Health Canada and the FDA have released statements declaring parabens safe, we still listened to our customers and made a paraben-free version of our popular Myo-ther Signature Massage Lotion.
Characteristics: Myo-ther Complete is a white lotion with a smooth & silky texture for easy application. It spreads easily with body heat and has no oily or sticky feeling.
Performance: Myo-ther Complete is an all-purpose massage lotion providing long-lasting performance, minimizing the need for re-application. Effective for all massage techniques.
Formulation: Hypo-allergenic; contains no parabens, alcohols, fragrance, or nut oils.
Ideal product: If you only want one lubricant in your office, Myo-ther Complete is ideal. It provides great coverage, spreadability and workability, and your clients will love it too!
Personalize: Myo-ther Complete contains no added fragrances and no scent neutralizers; customize your lotion by adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oil to a small bottle.
Clean up: Myo-ther Complete is a mild water-based formula that washed easily, helping to prevent stains & odours.
Client-friendly: After a massage with Myo-ther Complete, your clients will feel comfortable leaving your office, not oily or sticky.
Proudly made in Canada

32-5350 1 Gallon Pump
• Compatible with Biotone, BonVital, BioFreeze gallon bottle
Special Price: $5.50

Myossage Lotion
Helps you give a soothing, effective massage. Alcoholic free, non-greasy and non-staining.
32-6110 1 Gallon Myossage (Come with Free 8oz Empty Bottle)

32-5400 Mineral Oil 1 Gallon
It is extremely light to the point where sheets will not be stained. It also so a pleasant cooling effect. Nonetheless, this is offset by the mineral oil in the blend that blocks pores and limits the effects of a therapeutic massage. With its molecular structure it carries essential oils deep into the skin. Excellent glide, non-greasy, odorless, hypo-allergenic.
Anti-Flamme-Herbal Relief Cream
Anti-Flamme is an herbal based topical anti-inflammatory cream. It is an excellent choice for strained muscles, joint pain, bumps, bruises and minor sports injuries. It contains natural ingredients including pure herb extracts of arnica, hypericum, calendula and peppermint oil. All the natural herbal extracts come from sustainable supplies in New Zealand, Australia and Spain.

32-5500 45g tub Package of 12 (available in this size only).
32-5502 90g tub
32-5501 100g tube
32-5503 450g tub (Clinical Size)
* Anti-Flamme with arnica, hypericum, calendula and peppermint. Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

* The best selling anti-inflammatory creme in New Zealand.
Anti-Flamme Extra Herbal Relief Cream
Just like the Anti-Flamme you know and love, new Anti-Flamme extra harnesses the power of natural ingredients in a herbal relief crème. The difference is Anti-Flamme extra adds germicidal eucalyptus oil, the warming properties of clove oil and 50% more arnica. So it’s stronger, naturally.
When you’re extra active, reach for new Anti-Flamme Extra.

32-5510 EXTRA 90g tub
* Anti-Flamme Extra with cloves, eucalyptus, and extra arnica.

* The best selling anti-inflammatory creme in New Zealand.
Anti-Flamme: JOINTS
Try Anti-Flamme JOINTS. It's a unique combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Green Lipped Mussel, developed here in NZ to help support joint mobility and flexibility. For sufferers of stiff joints, Anti-Flamme JOINTS offers a more natural way to help manage your joints problems, and help you get on with living life.

32-5511 JOINTS 90g tub
* Anti-flamme with glucosamine (10%), chondroitin and green lipped mussel. Contains Shellfish. Can cause eye irritation.

* The best selling anti-inflammatory creme in New Zealand.
Anti-Flamme: HOT STUFF
A protective warm-up cream perfect for where there are large areas of exposed skin in less than ideal weather. For activities where the wind chill factor is high or where mud, cold water or rain may decrease the warmth of active muscles.

32-5512 HOT STUFF 90g tub
* Hot Stuff with cinnamon, menthol, eucalyptus and capsicum.

* The best selling anti-inflammatory creme in New Zealand.

Motion Medicine
Motion Medicine™ contains components clinically proven to reduce pain & aid tissue repair
Apply Motion Medicine™ directly to affected area and massage into the skin. Cooling sensation with deeper warming sensation is usual. Often, people experience almost instant pain relief and improved, easier movement. Longer lasting relief is achieved by reapplying.
Ingredients: Camphor 4% , Caprylyl glycol, cetyl alcohol, chondroitin sulfate, eucalyptus oil, glucosamine sulfate, glycerin, glycol stearate, grape seed oil, C13-14 isoparafin, Laureth-7, lavender oil, Menthol 4%, methysulfonylmethane(MSM), phenoxyethanol, polyacrymide, polysorbate-20, sorbic acid, stearyl alcohol, thymol, urea, Vitamin-E (tocopheral acetate), water, wintergreen oil.

• Relieves & prevents muscle spasms and joint pain due to arthritis
• Repairs cartilage and tissue
• Backed by over 18 medical studies
• For professional or personal
• Proven effective

Synopsis: A revolution, natural healing cream that reduces pain related to Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Arthrosis, and Muscle Soreness

Motion Medicine™ is available in 3 sizes to better suit your needs!
32-5610 7g Patient Travel Size
32-5611 120g Tube
32-5613 500g Clinic Size with Pump
32-5614 Retail-Pack (includes: 10x120g Tube + 20x2g Sample Packs)
* Volume discount available.

Quality Guarantee:
Motion Medicine is formulated in Canada with the highest quality ingredients under the stringent guidelines of Health Canada.

•Maximum use is up to 4 times a day.
•DO NOT use on children under 12 years old.
•DO NOT apply bandage or external heat.
•DO NOT use if taking blood thinners (such as Coumadin).
•DO NOT apply on mucous membrane or open wounds.

OrthoGel Cold Therapy Advanced Pain Relief Gel
ORTHOGEL ADVANCED PAIN RELIEF GEL with ILEX, Menthol 3.5%, Camphor .2%, PUREFLEX Glucosamine, Boswellia Serratta, Curcumin, OptiMSM, Aloe and Vitamin E.

ILEX is extracted from a holly shrub grown in South America and has been used by the Paraguay Indians to enhance the effects of their medicines for centuries.

ORTHOGEL is made with high quality ingredients such as OptiMSM and PUREFLEX Glucosamine. PUREFLEX is a registered trademark of TSI, Inc.

ORTHOGEL ADVANCED PAIN RELIEF GEL is greaseless, stainless and has no lingering odor. The effects last for several hours.

More Competitive Price: Please Call
32-5800 3oz Roll-on
32-5801 4oz Tube
32-5802 4oz Continuous Spray
32-5805 16 oz Pump
32-5806 32 oz Pump
32-5807 1 Gallon Pump

BioFreeze Products
An extremely effective topical pain reliever used in pain management programs to threat athletic and muscle-related injuries; sore or strained muscles; shoulder and arm discomfort; neck, hip and leg pain; ankle or foot pain; and pain associated with arthritis.
Apply BIOFREEZE Pain Reliever before, during and after treatments to reduce stiffness, enabling greater Range of Motion and flexibility.
32-5700 3oz Roll-on  
32-5701 4oz Tube      
32-5702 16oz Pump  
32-5703 32oz Pump  
1 Gallon Pump   
*** Volume Discount Available ***
Sample packs available for $0.25 each
Medistik Dual Stick 58g
Long lasting extra strength pain relief
The strongest, most effective pain reliever available in Canada without a prescription. For the relief of acute and chronic muscle and joint pain and inflammation.
Active Ingredients:
30% Methyl Salicylate, 15% Menthol, 1% Eucalyptus Oil.

32-5750 Medistik Dual Stick 58g
27-4500 Gel / Lotion Warmer (2 x 8oz bottles)
Using a lotion warmer for you main business can be a wonderful idea. Since the Lotion is pre warmed it is much more soothing for your patient. They are there to relax and a cold lotion makes them tense up. The warmth of the lotion is good in two ways. The warm lotion is great for aching muscles, and it also helps increase circulation of the blood. This also relaxes the patient making the massage therapists job easier. The lotion warmer is made of Stainless steel because of its resistance to rust which is better than other materials.
• White powedercoat finish
• Industrial 250 watt Thermal Coil
• UL Listed 44FU, includes Canada
• Temperature range: 90°F to 122°F
• Empty dispenser bottles included
• Six foot hospital-grade power cord
• "Thermal-sleeve" safety design
• Lighted power switch on front panel
• Mount to wall or set on table
• Two year manufacture warranty, parts and labor
• Includes Automatic Thermal Cutoff
• GW208 holds 2" dia. 8oz bottle
• Dimensions: 6" W x 8" L x 5" H
• Weight: 4 lbs.
• Made in USA
27-4510 Single Lotion & Oil Warmer with 250 Pump Bottle $59.95
• Keeps massage oils or lotion at a perfect 140 degree temperature
• Patented technology maintains perfect 140 degree (60°C) temperature automatically
• Compact design saves space and durable plastic casing stands up to heavy use
• Includes refillable 250ml pump bottle
• 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects

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